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Who we are?

Since 2009 we are a  digital marketing agency with national and international coverage. In SMKT we impact your potential customers through digital channels and we work to position you in their minds with positive experiences.

Our clients consider us one of the best agencies for how we create their corporate identities and digital content.

Learn more about us on this page and let’s start working together on social media strategies to grow your audience or a website design to provide the best experience on your site.

If you need different marketing solutions for your business, the best option is a SMKT solution to cover your potential customers from all angles.

In SMKT we consider the needs, benefits and results for multiple  businesses; so we integrate different design and marketing services.

We are sure that you will find the right one for your company!

Meet Our CEO

Orlando Hernández

Our CEO is the top executive of our company, in charge of designing and directing each of the areas that make up us to make decisions through different strategies so that we can achieve objectives.

What we do?


Combining our diverse skillsets, we ensure your advertising conveys a consistent, compelling story across channels. Because it’s not a linear road to building your brand and your customer base.

Since 2009, we have consulted over twenty-five International and National political campaigns to have mass recognition with nontraditional social media strategies that have resulted in life changing opportunities for numerous candidates. Reports demonstrate that our marketing strategies are not only effective with political campaigns but are also well known for commercial business that are looking for consistency. Give yourself the opportunity to meet with creative, motivated and highly marketing team that are aiming to Make a Difference for you!


Government agencies at the local, state and national level are increasingly adopting social media platforms and data-driven solutions into their marketing strategy to better reach and impact their audiences.


Our consultants will work with you to find your next customer and then activate them on the channels where they are most likely to engage.


We have the experience and dedication to work with political campaign teams and advertisers from all levels to get the job done.


Stay with the peace of mind of leaving the video and post-production of your event in the hands of experts.


We bring programming to life to create usable web pages and adaptable to multiple devices with our professional web page development.


We help you with the creation of content for your podcast with the great talent of our team up to the post-production of your pieces

About Our Services

About Our Services

SMKT stands for Smart Marketing and means that we are capable of managing a creative project in all its stages, from point 0 to 100. From finding the name of a new product to printing the final packaging.It means that we are ready to solve challenges and that we have the right team to achieve all your goals. Our team is your creative ally, who will support you at every step.

Since 2009, experience has trained us in different areas, which today makes us a comprehensive agency capable of solving any creative challenge that arises. Our clients are entrepreneurs starting their business, established brands and transnational companies – each project is treated with the efficiency, quality and professionalism it deserves.

Graphic elements are the first contact between your potential client and your company. That is why in SMKT we focus on creating visual components that capture the identity of your business to convey the right message. Graphic design is complementary to web development, the creation of content for social networks and other services that we have at SMKT. Therefore, they are essential for the external communication of your company or business.

Our Clients

Thanks to our extensive experience, our clients support the quality and professionalism of our services and solutions.

Our Clients

Thanks to our extensive experience, our clients support the quality and professionalism of our services and solutions.

Copyright © 2023 SMKT Powered by SMKT Media Groutp LLC

Copyright © 2023 SMKT Powered by SMKT Media Groutp LLC